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The Sparkling Lady


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My German Concertina

My Concertina and I.

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                                               The Ugly Duckling

Painted People Stories©

The Painted People Stories©: Dramatic New-Tellings of original and favorite stories, incorporating The Sparkling Lady's original stories, poems, songs and face and body art for children: Hands become puppets while painted faces roar and soar!
The Ugly Duckling

                                                                                                                                                                       Penguin Magellan's Surprise Party

Painted People Stories©

  • Enable children to label and act out feelings and emotions they are just beginning to understand.
  • Reinforce, tolerance and positive character traits.
  • Label and clarify poor character features.
  • Perfect for library, school, church, municipal or organizational programs.

The Sparkling Lady: Originator of the Painted People Stories
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The Swan Queen

Red Basket Heritage Stories*!
Bring theater quality experiences to your child's party or event.
Eve Silver, renowned Narrative Story Teller of stage and screen, will draw your children into a New World...
Native heritage stories enlighten your young ones, expanding their cultural universe.

"Listen to me Little Friends... I will tell it to you..."

Excerpted from: Taino Life
"My Father's Home in the Mountains of the Rain

In my fondest memory, my father stands in a stark white tee and faded jeans, against a rapidly darkening sky. That moment is emblazoned on my retinas still ... His small sturdy form gazes out to the purple and green mountains across a small distance behind his concrete house. His back is to me and I can see his dark and sinewy leathered hands in his back pockets.

In this cacaphony of storm and thunder I step lightly, as he taught me:
He does not know that I am there.

Lightning, huge and frightening forks of it, light up the white, bare branches of a dying mango tree just below and I am transfixed upon the sight; my father contrasted in a darkend blur of blue and gold and green. I see the storm; I feel the wind. I hear the jungle, still...

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